Compare And Contrast Freud Vs Jung

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Compare/contrast Frued vs Jung Name Institutional Affiliation Compare/contrast Frued vs Jung Introduction Freud and Jung had a defining contribution in the field of psychology and using their theories impacted significantly in our perception of human being and their minds. This contribution led to the development of a wide spectrum of successful treatment of human distress, providing much support in the psychological needs. The two psychologists differed significantly but at the genesis of their contribution, they manifested a strong friendship based on intellectual and desire to develop the study. Key elements of Freudian theory Freud He was an Australian psychologist neurologist. He was born in a town called Freiberg, Monrovia current the Zech republic on date 6th may 1856. A relative have-not Jewish family raised him up. Despite having brought up in this humble background, he had a good plan to study law in the University of Vienna. He was flexible young man and later changed his mind to pursue medicine. In the Vienna General Hospital, he worked as psychiatry upon graduating. At this time, Psychiatry had no interest in matters concerning mental health. They only viewed…show more content…
The impulses of the Id are only expressed in an acceptable manner when the Ego develop from the Id. The functioning of the Ego revolves around the preconscious, unconscious, and conscious mind and functions based on the reality principle. The reality principle always strive to satisfy the Id desires at all costs in a socially and realistic appropriate ways. The benefits and costs of an action are weighed before deciding what to do in a demanding situation. Through the secondary processes the Ego discharges tension that arise from unmet impulses. The id primary process creates a mental image in which the Ego component finds an object in the real world that matches the Id process, (Kenny
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