Compare And Contrast Federalism And Federalists

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Federalism and Anti-Federalism both have copious amounts of people on their side. However, the idea that the Federalists have, that a strong central government is key, is thoroughly preposterous. While a few Federalists have fairly persuasive ideas, those ideas would not work once applied. One of the notions that the Federalists have is the notion of the government ruling itself. As one of the most prominent Federalists said, “…first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.”1 The government, if its own self controls it, will surely become corrupt. If there is only a sole government, there is a likelihood of the democracy turning into a tyranny, as Brutus estimated.2 Also, in the Federalist…show more content…
If the government is to rule itself, then there needs to be more representatives to meet the needs and opinions of the citizens. Another belief the Federalists have is that the amount of representatives they want to employ is enough. The population of the country is considerably getting larger, and will continue to acquire more people. The states will have plainly have little power, which means that the interests of the population will have less meaning. A singular government can only be so far reaching when it comes to the different opinions of ordinary people.4 Despite what James Madison says about the different opinions quashing each other out5, two opposing sides of an opinion will not cancel out. While this might apply in science and math, human emotion does not work that way. One of the Federalists…show more content…
If they all agree that the government should be entirely central, then they should agree on what justice means to them. One says, “Justice is the end of government.”11 Justice means fairness, and if fairness is the end of government, then it is the end of America. We fought for justice in the American Revolution, and if we had not, then these same Federalists would be grumbling how unjust the system is. There must be fairness in the government; otherwise, the government will be overthrown. History has shown that pattern again and again. If justice was truly the end of government, then we should not be electing presidents at all and keep the old way with monarchs, or push a new way and have a tyrant for a leader. The other idea the Federalists have for justice is the balancing act between the central government.12 If justice is supposedly the end of government, it cannot balance the people in control. Justice should help balance the government, but the balancing is an obligation between the governing and the governed. If the governed are being treated unfairly as a result of the central government being too strong, then justice must

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