Compare And Contrast Euthanasia And Assisted Suicide

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Euthanasia and assisted suicide can be used interchangeably, because to some extent they share the same meaning; although, there is a slight difference. Both words express similarity, in the sense that they both cause the death of another person. However, euthanasia is intentionally and directly acting towards the death of an individual, whereas assisted suicide is intentionally, yet indirectly providing the method for another person to commit suicide. After all, both terms share the same purpose: ending someone’s life, and nothing detracts how controversial that is. Therefore, for the purpose of this paper both words will be used mutually).
Assisted suicide has been extremely controversial because of the different views of individuals. Many
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People need to stop calling, or naming euthanasia “death with dignity”, or “happy death”. These kinds of words are just sugar coating what euthanasia or assisted suicide really is, which causes controversy. In the new definition of assisted suicide there should be clarity, and only certain people could qualify. For example, a person who is thinking of approaching euthanasia should have severe pain that cannot be controlled with any medication, and the patient should check with at least two doctors in order to confirm that they are really suffering. Depression should in no way be part of deciding euthanasia. According to a research under the Journal of the American Medical Association, statistics “show that, contrary to general perceptions, depression and hopelessness, rather than pain, seem to be the primary factors motivating patients ' interest in euthanasia or PAS” (J. Emanuel, Fairclough, L. Emanuel. 2000). This statistic demonstrates that most of the patients who decide euthanasia or assisted suicide are people who are suffering from depression. In addition to that, the statistics also show that patients who affirm to commit such practice tend to always change their mind throughout the time. obviously, meaning that they are undecided and are just making a decision without actually deeply thinking about it. “About half the terminally ill patients interested in euthanasia or PAS changed their minds, and…show more content…
The objective of my solution is to have less people commit suicide by integrating certain rules into the process of choosing euthanasia or assisted suicide. As a result, individuals who are drastically suffering will be able to stop their pain and individuals who are just depressed or have a cure to their pain or disease will be able to live longer. Due to these results, my solution will not be benefiting either people against this practice or individuals in favor of this practice. Instead it will bring both sides together to some extent, meaning that this harsh topic will become slightly less controversial. Although, my moral argument about this controversial topic is that I don’t believe euthanasia or assisted suicide should be done, but sometimes it’s necessary depending on the individual’s
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