Compare And Contrast European And Native American Dehumanization

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European colonization of the Western hemisphere caused more suffering to The African than the Native American because Africans were treated in a more cruel and dehumanizing way, which stripped them of all their dignity. In order to understand how badly the African were treated, we must first look at how the Native Americans were treated. The Spanish discovered the Native American when they were searching for precious metals such as silver and gold. The Spanish discovered Potosi, a mountain rich in silver. This is important to mention because the motive behind each groups captivity played a significant role in how they were later treated. Initially, the Spanish viewed the Indians as something they must tolerate, meaning that the Spanish aim…show more content…
When the Africans were taken from their country and forced into slavery, they were separated from families. The growing demand for slaves from Europe meant that the African slave suppliers had to find ways to keep up with demand. The pressure to supply more slave meant that african slave suppliers would have come up with new ways to meet the European’s demand for slaves. Initially, slave slippers relied and war captives, but now they started to raid small towns and villages, separating mothers, fathers, sisters and…show more content…
Europeans build churches, farmlands and town. The aim was convert Americans to Christianity. This was beneficial to the Spanish because they could now gain control over the Native lands. Native Americans also benefited. Clergy members would act as a liaison for the Native Americans by creating good food supply. The Clergy also offered protection against enemies. Some Native Americans eventually get there own land to cultivate. This meant that they had the freedom to choose what they grow and eat.
African slaves had no say in what they eat. They were constantly beaten and overworked, they had insufficient food and closings. The african slaves made no wages, and did not have the option to grow what they wanted. The Native Americans were paid, which mean they could buy goods such as clothes from the Spaniards. The African slaves were given clothes only once a year. The European sought to break the Africans mentally by changing the way they saw themselves. For example slaves were sometimes bounded by heavy wood and left outside to starve. European used this approach to instill fear into the other slaves. The European also spread rumors that the African slaves were human eating
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