Compare And Contrast Editing In Movies

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I choose to do the editing option because I believe that editing is the single handed most important part in film making. Editing in movies can basically make or break a movie. It also helps to tell the story that the producer and director are trying to get across to the audience. Might be the choice of lighting from one shot to the next, or the volume of a footstep. These all play major roles when putting a film together, and more times than not it takes more time to edit a film than to actually shoot it. Some editing techniques that you might use in a horror film you won’t use in a western or maybe you will, depending on what you are trying to do. The two films I choose to use to compare and contrast editing styles were Django Unchained,…show more content…
Django may have not had as many different closeups or different sound techniques as The Conjuring. Django was more about how fast or slow a scene would, or would it be out of focus or not. Main idea for each film was to give the audience a type of feeling. While Django had multiple shots in one scene, that was not the case with The Conjuring, as you would get one long drawn out scene with one type of camera angle which gave you that suspense feeling which is needed in horror films. More times than not it is the editing that takes more time than actually shooting the film, but many would agree there is no more important aspect of a film than the editing, because it can make the film almost come alive in a sense. For many horror films they want you to feel like you are right there in the movie so they used the long shots with the dark lighting and might zoom in at certain spots scene, and the transition from once scene is faster than other genres because they do not want you to necessarily be able to catch your breath, or vice versa when you think you won’t be able to catch your breath they hit you with a calm scene, it is the keeping you on the edge of your seat aspect. You speed up a slowed down scene in Django it just might not be a number one movie anymore, you don’t zoom in, use a cross fade transition, then The Conjuring just gets thrown into a box with the other horror films not really standing out on its own two feet. Each film had to have its own atmosphere and mood. Nothing was more different then the sounds in both of these films. No way a song that was used in the Conjuring could turn around and be used in Django, it would not make any sense, I am not sure where it would even fit. The sound effects in Django were not a pertinent as the
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