Compare And Contrast Direct Therapy For Stuttering

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Compare and contrast direct and indirect approaches to therapy for stuttering in young children. Stuttering affects the fluency of speech. Stuttering is characterized by disruptions in speech sound productions, also known as a disfluency. Mostly, stuttering has a significant effect on some daily activities. Though some people have disfluency deficits only in certain situations. Some people limit their participations in different everyday activities because they are often embarrassed or sad about their situation and are concerned about how other's will react to stuttering. In stuttered speech repetitions of words or also of parts of words are included. Prolongations of speech sounds may also occur. It is a characteristic of some people who…show more content…
Such an approach is preferred if the child reveals secondary behaviours or when the child is aware of his/her. This decision of choosing direct therapy will depend on the amount of stuttering that is been observed as well as the impact the stuttering has on the child’s attitude and psychology towards communication. Direct therapy focuses specifically on the child's stuttering. Within all cases parents should encourage their children and most importantly expect any disfluency issue a child might have. Direct therapy, targets speech disfluencies by speech and language therapists and parents, if the parents have been directed by a professional speech and language therapist. Specifically, in contrast with indirect approach, direct approach focuses on the disfluency of the child by correcting and working on the stutters with the SLT or the parents if they have been directed by an SLT. Direct therapy mostly focuses on breathing techniques, managing reduced speaking rate, encouraging pauses when taking turns in conversations and motivating the child by letting him/her finish speaking without any interruption. Two approaches in direct therapy are the fluency shaping and the

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