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Cajun Restaurants Dc’s and Di’s are two cajun style restaurants who serve similar things such as crawfish, boiled shrimp, and catfish. They are both dine in restaurants in relevantly close distance from each other. Even though they are similar, they also have some distinct differences. Dc’s is superior to Di’s because of its food, service, and atmosphere. One point of contrast between Dc’s and Di’s is the atmosphere. At Dc’s, the restaurant is quiet. Dc’s has carpet and some walls that prevents the restaurant noises from echoing. Dc’s always have music playing. They play today’s country music from a radio. Also at Dc’s, the lighting is dim. It isn’t very bright inside the restaurant and could be hard to see the menu if one would sit on…show more content…
The servers at Dc’s and young, looking girls. The girls at Dc’s will also create small talk with you. Instead of having conversations with the customers, they would just ask ,“How are you”, and go about their business. At Dc’s, they are not only open seven days a week, but are also open for lunch and dinner. Being open seven days a week for lunch and dinner brings in a lot of business because it is one of the only dine-in restaurant that is open, especially on Sundays. Also at Dc’s, they attract a lot of smaller groups due to limited space. Having only smaller groups to see about, the service is greater due to the waitresses not being so overwhelmed. Unlike Dc’s, the servers at Di’s is older women. The waitresses over there have been serving there for an extremely long time so they know their menu like the back of their hand. The waitresses are also great conversationists and will tell you their whole life story. Also, Di’s is only open five days a week. They are closed on Sunday and Mondays. Di’s is a place for more larger parties to go eat at due to extended space and a lot of big tables already pulled together. If a small party would go eat and their waitress is already handling with some big tables, then the service could get sloppy due to the fact that they will more than likely not have time to see about the smaller…show more content…
Dc’s is known for their great crawfish. The crawfish is always a good size and well seasoned. It also comes with complimentary corn, two potatoes, and already made crawfish dip. The crawfish at Dc’s is usually the highest price around compared to other restaurants, but you get a lot with it. Also, Dc’s has one pound servings of boiled shrimp. The boiled shrimp is always cooked just right: never over cooked and never under cooked. They are easy to peel and are nicely seasoned. It also comes with complimentary garlic butter. Unlike Dc’s, the crawfish at Di’s is small. It is pretty cheap for five pounds, but you do not get anything with them. If one would want a corn or potatoes, they would have to pay extra for it. Also, their crawfish doesn 't come with any dip. So if you like to dip your crawfish in crawfish dip, well I advise sneaking in your own because they do not provide it. Also, Di’s sell one pound boiled shrimp as well but theirs is hard to peel and is very bland tasting. Dc’s and Di’s are both cajun restaurants with similar styles. The food at Dc’s is a little pricey, but it is excellent quality. Also the service is always great and the atmosphere is family friendly. If one would ever bring someone on a date, Dc’s would be the go to option because at least one would be able to hear their

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