Compare And Contrast Cultural Differences Between Usa And China

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Classroom differences between the U.S. and China
When it comes to understanding cultural differences in an academic setting, it is beneficial to define the term itself. While some authors and researchers attempt to define this term, others imply a definition through the issues that surrounds the concept of cultural differences. One of the most interesting and illuminating points about studying cultural differences, especially in an academic environment, is that the term often conjures up images of classes that have students from many parts of the world interacting with one another in a common setting. But this aspect isn’t necessarily a good nor bad thing. Simpson (2008) points out that neither the teaching nor learning of English comes without certain clashes in the classroom. Simpson (2008) also indicates that clashes result from divergent educational philosophies meeting in an environment that is both low in mutual awareness and high in expectations. Examination of just classroom cultures is not complete without a discussion about certain things performed in the classroom. Wang (2009) discusses how peer reviews were
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Narrowing down on a specific examination of Chinese students in an American college setting, it led to my question: How does the traits of classroom culture in higher education in United States differ from those in China and what restrictions do these students acquire that limit their success? After doing some research and investigation from online resources, I came to the conclusion that the cultural differences in classrooms does affect students, not only positively, but also negatively. As a result, these students will encounter limitations that can affect their

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