Compare And Contrast Comprehensive Sex Education Vs. Comprehensive Sex Education

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Comprehensive vs. Abstinence Only Sex Education
Darci Deakin
Utah State University

Comprehensive vs. Abstinence Only Sex Education Comprehensive vs. abstinence only sex education has been very controversial across the globe from the beginning. In recent years however, it has increased its attention through the media. Depending on your views and believes, usually, will determine which method you will choose to participate in.
Comprehensive sex education teaches about condoms and contraception to reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy, but it also teaches about abstinence as the best method for avoiding STDS and unintended pregnancy (Alford, 2001). This method is favored by many because it covers both the use of birth
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One study on Comprehensive sex education came to the conclusion that comprehensive sex education showed the most positive outcome compared to abstinence only. “The evidence is strong that programs do not hasten or increase sexual behavior but, instead, some programs delay or decrease sexual behaviors or increase condom or contraceptive use” (Kirby, Laris, & Rolleri, 2007). Because of the conclusion of their results, comprehensive sex education is the best form of sex education, as it gets the facts into the public schools and shows a positive outcome with increased contraceptive use and a decrease in sexual behavior. Which is the ultimate goal for sex…show more content…
My own views on this topic is to stick with comprehensive sex education. I feel this is the best method to make sure the public schools are educated on all methods related to sex. It is appropriate to let the parents know that their child will be learning this particular method and if they prefer, they can opt-out their child from participating. I feel that this method is the most usefully to cover a broad range of faiths and believes. Everyone needs to be educated and know about STD’s/ STI’s and different contraceptives. I just feel that the abstinence only method isn’t as useful on educating the public on all aspects of sex education as comprehensive sex education.
In my opinion, a more universally acceptable way to go about sex education is to educated the students on the facts. Not trying to lean them one way or another on if they should wait to have sex till before or after marriage. I feel if the public sex education system just teaches the facts on contraceptives, STD’s, etc. Then it can be their self, family or religious organization to help them establish believes on what type of sex education they want to participate
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