Compare And Contrast College Vs High School

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College vs. High school
The transition for high school seniors to freshmen in college has to be one of the scariest, stressful, and happiest times in a student’s life. In most of young student’s situations this will be the first time away from their families for extended periods of time. Thus for each individual’s experience has the possibility of making it one the scariest times or happiest times. When a young student goes off to college it allows them to explore and experience the world without their family standing over them. However college is not a place to act like if it will be like high school. College is far more difficult and it can be one of the most stressful times in a student’s life. Since the young students are away from home
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A high school student usually has their parents or guardians living in the same house as them. So the high school student has someone to depend on in various situations. When a student comes home they are in a loving and caring environment with someone to depend on for having food and something to drink. High school students tend to try to be their own individual, but they often are looking up to someone else.“Evidence also suggests that early adolescence represents a particularly influential phase of development” (Mann par.15). The students have someone to help guide them and support them each day. It allows students to feel a sense of supervision and that tends to help students in making the right decisions in life. Without the supervision students could believe that they can do what they want with no consequences for their actions. In most cases high school students live in a house that has a restroom and a shower that is shared with only siblings and parents. Most situations the high school students live in a relatively normal size house. High school students often have more time available to do things that they consider enjoyable, because they have fewer responsibilities. Some take good advantage of this while others do not and often tend to

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