Compare And Contrast Christianity And Buddhism

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Christianity vs. Buddhism Religion has a different meaning for each and every person. For some, religion is a way of life, for others it’s a set of beliefs or rules, or maybe just a word with no meaning at all. Our world includes approximately 4,200 religions, all of which have four similar characteristics that make them similar, but unique at the same time. These four characteristics are belief of creed, community, code of conduct, and cult. A perfect example of two religions that are similar but different are Christianity and Buddhism. Each religion has major beliefs, rituals, holidays, ethics and their own historical background. They both have those four characteristics that define a religion, but have very different practices and beliefs…show more content…
Both religions enforce the idea of preserving the earth and your body and taking care of other humans. While there are some similarities in the two religions, they do have differences that can cause conflict between the two. For example, if you live in most any part of the United States, and are a practicing Buddhist, you may face some religious discrimination for being a polytheistic religion, or worshipping the Buddha. But in the same regards, if a Christian were to travel to China and openly practice their religion, they may also face some discrimination for the beliefs and…show more content…
You may just find that the two have very similar basic teachings of goodness and fairness to each other. If we take the issue of homelessness in the world, both Buddhism and Christianity could work together to help those in need based off of their belief that we should be good people and help those in need. We do not need to take it so far as to performing our rituals and religious sacraments together, but both religions can provide a wonderful world of peace and happiness if we educated ourselves on each other’s beliefs and practices and respected them. We can solve social justice issues together by taking our actions and using them for the common good of the

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