Compare And Contrast Cats And Dogs

Is It A Better Choice to Keep Cats or Dogs?
Nowadays a lot of people have pets at home since they are solitary. Pets can help them to release stress, and enhance their moods. Several studies show the people who have pets live longer than people who don’t. Pets can also help them to build their responsibility and patience. When teenagers spend time with pets, they learn the way to take care of others. There is no doubt that cats and dogs are two of the most popular pets in the world since they are easy to raise and they are adorable. Yet, the research shows among those who had once owned dogs, 45 percent would consider obtaining another, while merely 34 percent of cat owners were glad to have another cat. What is the cause of this? The research
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It is very common to find the sofa with holes and scratches if the household has cats or dogs. So, it is kind of important to look after the pets. For example, my dog Max enjoys finding the shoes from the shoe cabinet and biting them secretly. When I wake up in the morning, I will find out the shoes with big holes in it. Max will pretend he does nothing wrong, and that really drives me crazy. It shows it is necessary to keep the shoes in a close cabinet and put expensive items away form the dogs. Like dogs, cats enjoy scratching the furniture. Owner of a cat can find their sofa with irreparable scratches. There has 3 tips can help the owner to save their furniture. First, keep the cat’s claws trimmed. Second, purchase some scratching posts for the cat, and let them get used to that. Third, cover the furniture with tape and plastic. As a conclusion, the owner of the cats and dogs need to provide some toys for their pets to scratch and to trim their nails regularly in order to protect their…show more content…
My cat Lucy and my dog Max both resist when I try to bath them. They try their best to escape from the water, and they act like it is a punishment when I try to bath them. The research shows sometimes the pets feel scary of the running water. They are uncomfortable and not used to the bath. We need to use the right temperature of water since the pets are sensitive to the hot or cold water. It is essential to let them realize bath time is fun. Another similarity of cats and dogs have is they can have several off springs at one time. Generally, a cat has 4-6 kittens one time, and dog have 6-10 puppies during each pregnancy. Once people raise cats and dogs at home, they can find the hair of their pets everywhere in their house. The cleaning of the fur is a huge challenge to the owners. These similarities help us to understand the disadvantage of raising cats and dogs.
Since the cats and dogs are two different kinds of species, they still have a lot of differences. As cats, they only need a small place to take a rest. For evidence, I used to make a big and warm cat house for my cat Lucy. Nevertheless, Lucy does not even stay in her house for more than 3 minutes. She would rather live in a small box or on window sills than stay in the cat house. By contrast, my dog Max likes to sleep on the floor or on the bed. He feels comfortable in large spaces. So, the way to prepare their house is

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