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It may be surprising to some to find out that Old Navy is owned by The Gap, Inc. It may be even more surprising to find out that not only does Gap own Old Navy, it owns Banana Republic and Intermix as well. Some may ask themselves why one corporation owns so many different clothing retail stores. The answer is very simple. Every retail store creates an identity for its customers. Everyone asks themselves before starting any day, “What am I going to wear today?” Our clothes are important to us, not just because they cover us and keep us warm, but because they allow us to express ourselves. Our wardrobes gives us identities. Through comparison with some of its sister brands and analysis of its ads and spatial design, it is clear to see that Old…show more content…
When I first heard of this, I thought to myself, “What is Intermix?” I had no idea what this store was. After looking into this store, it made complete sense why I had never heard of a store called Intermix. Actually, these retailers are not known as just any regular store. Intermix retail spaces are known as boutiques, a very important distinction. Regular retail stores tend to have a wide variety of products to choose from. Boutiques are small with limited inventory and a much narrower scope of target consumers. While Gap and Banana Republic have thousands of stores in the United States and abroad, Intermix has only 30 boutiques in the entirety of the Unites States and Canada. This demonstrates that Intermix is not for just anybody. The types of products carried by Intermix are very unique. These products are never mass produced maintaining a look of exclusivity top class status. We can also see this by Intermix’s absence on television and radio ads. People who shop at Intermix are the people who can travel wherever they wish, whenever they wish, and have the intention of buying exclusive pieces that will set them apart from everyone else, even high middle class…show more content…
For the purpose of this essay, we will examine the retail location of Old Navy at the Third Street Promenade at Santa Monica. Upon entrance of this store, there is a group of mannequins grouped together like a family. Immediately the store is telling mothers that this store is for them and their for families. Even the way the store is organized shows that it is designed for women. Everything is compartmentalized into little "rooms" that appeal to the mentality of mothers. Aisles are large enough to accommodate strollers and running children. Also, at the checkout stand, there are rows with toys and other things meant for children. This fortifies the image that mom are the ones who are the ones who shop at Old Navy. Mothers like knowing that they are shopping at a family store. Another spatial design that shows that working moms are the targeted consumer at Old Navy is the fact that the entire first floor is women’s clothing. The second floor is where the men’s and children’s clothing are found. The store as a whole is designed to resemble a house, a place where women are more inclined to feel comfortable and take

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