Compare And Contrast Brett And Daisy

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Brett and Daisy both possess relationships that compel them to remain faithful through the power and security they are provided with, yet use love differently to maintain such relationships. Within her relationship with fiancé Mike, Brett uses love in a shallow manner and avoids any strong emotional connection with him. Hemmingway reveals Brett’s impassiveness through the meaningless, empty relationship she has with Mike. To Brett, her relationship with Mike symbolizes her desire to see herself as the rich, successful woman many believe her to be. Her shallow character causes her relationship to contain very little depth and meaning. She feels nothing for Mike, as her only motive to stay with him is the fact that he improves her self-image.…show more content…
Both women fear removing themselves from their social status and therefore feel obligated to keep a relationship that will provide them with wealth, power, and security. They hide behind their wealth and take advantage of their man’s blindness to their manipulation. As Brett and Jake discuss her future marriage to Mike, she tells her friend that she doesn’t need his help to pay for the wedding or the divorce, as “Michael’s people have loads of money” (Hemingway 70). Brett’s motive behind her marriage is taking advantage of Mike’s wealth. Because she is shallow, she is not afraid to express her true intentions. Daisy, although her coyness causes her to conceal her selfishness, her actions reveal her materialistic attitude nonetheless. She convinces Tom away from questioning Gatsby’s past and ultimately sacrifices her true love for Gatsby for Tom’s wealth and social status. Both Daisy and Brett use their personalities to control their relationships and influence their fiancés of their love. However, their only motive behind these relationships is money, revealing their selfish attitudes. Both are small-minded, emotionless women that use their ability to seduce men to keep a relationship that will provide for them. Daisy and Tom are able to slink back into their own world of money and security when they are faced with struggle; however one could also include Brett as one who remains faithful to her relationship with Mike, but not to Mike himself-- for wealth and security. Both Hemingway and Fitzgerald reveal how Brett and Daisy choose not to be emotionally invested in their relationships with Mike and Tom because they know they can influence their fiancés into trusting them and providing for them. Through such ruthless relationships Brett and Daisy hold, both authors are able to prove how by taking

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