Compare And Contrast Behaviourism And Behaviourist Therapies

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Behaviourist therapies are divided in classical and operant conditioning in order to teach the correct behaviour to people with mental illness or to treat phobias. Classical conditioning therapies are associated with involuntary responses, whereas operant conditioning is used to change unwanted behaviours through reinforcements.
Token economy is one of the operant conditioning therapies that is used in order to obtain something from someone through positive tokens. This is probably one of the affective methods to treat the mental illness of Emma, as she may change undesirable behaviours by receiving something that she wants or she desires to have.
Other therapies such aversion therapy (classical conditioning) is method used to treat people
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This method just would help Emma to change the abnormal behaviour instead of treating the causes of their bizarre behaviour.
Psychodynamic therapies are used to bring back memories towards the conscious mind in order to gain understanding about the roots of any mental illnesses. There is a conflict between the ego and the Id that leads to anxiety and the normally people will try to resolve their abnormal behaviours through three defence mechanisms, which are repression, regression and projection that actually through these mechanisms the unconscious mind is receiving unwanted thoughts and those unwanted thoughts produce anxiety.
There are different methods of psychoanalysis, one of them is dream analysis while the client sleeps. When someone is sleeping the ego does not interfere with the Id and the patient will repress desires that it would help to meet the possible causes of abnormality. However, using this method the results may be inaccurate because the ego cannot be
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This method can be one the methods used to treat Emma’s abnormality, as any moment of her life may be related to her abnormal behaviour. Furthermore, this method would help to meet the possible roots of her mental illness, if there are exact roots are found this would be the main point to start treating Emma and get positive results. However, Drake and Sederer suggest that psychoanalytic method cannot be very useful and the results may not be positive for schizophrenics.
The cognitive behaviour therapy is used to treat people who have negative thoughts that have been learnt throughout the years. The aim of this therapy is that patients can see that they are realising and reaching something positive.
Schizophrenia talks also about depression and Emma probably is having depression due to her mental illness. This method will help Emma to change their negative perception about herself and the world in order to alter their behaviour and achieve what she wants for her
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