Compare And Contrast Basketball And Basketball

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On the Court versus On the Field

Sports have created the opportunity for many to showcase their athletic abilities and talents for others to watch. Two of the top watched sports are basketball and football. Both games have an interesting tactic behind them, while their differences are what sets them apart. The game of football gives people the head to head physicality in hard-pounding hits that people crave to see. While basketball expresses the strategic mindset and conditioned body as players run down the court to score. As people come from near and far to show their love for the two sports, there are many qualities that differentiate the two from one another. From the end of fall to the end of winter, you will find the talk of the town to be the sport of basketball. The two 20 minute halves of endurance and physicality is what keeps spectators in their seats. Even though fans only see the result of the games, the preparation for winning comes at the expense of practicing for two or more hours a day. In addition to those extensive practices, there may be times where more than one game can be played in a week. The objective of the game includes running up and down the court while maintaining control of the basketball. With the measurements of a basketball being 29 ½ in circumference and weighs 20-22 ounces, players try to shoot the ball
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While there are differences present in the sports, there are similarities that are apparent in each individual aspect of the game. Qualities that are the same include the amount of preparation, aspects of having an offense and defense, endless substitutions, and the idea of winning the game. Opposing thoughts incorporate rules of the game, components of playing field, and seasons played. Nevertheless, both games have presented a form of entertainment in way that exhibits the talents of

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