Compare And Contrast Augustine And Plato's Worldviews

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There is something in every person that defines who that person is. It shapes how the individual lives their life, and what they believe. Something that acts as a lens which effects how a person sees everything. This is commonly known as a person’s worldview. Plato and Augustine were two highly influential philosophers who expressed their worldviews through their writings. In each worldview there is often a central idea or point that is fundamental to entire worldview. Plato and Augustine have similar worldviews in the sense that both have a central point around which everything revolves. They differ in that Plato sees that point as the Good and Augustine sees it as God, and each central point has a different role, type of existence, and way of being attained.
The Good is the fundamental point in Plato’s worldview. Plato explains the Good as something that allows one to see truth and gain knowledge. Plato writes “that what gives truth to the things known and the power to know to the knower is the form of the good.” (Republic, 508e). Plato explains
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For Plato it is the Good, for Augustine it is God. Although their worldviews share this similarity, the central points have a different role, exist in different ways, and are attained reversely. The Good is what gives truth and knowledge, where God gives forgiveness and salvation. God exists as a being, where the Good does not. Lastly, the Good an individual must seek, whereas God is the one that seeks the individual. Worldview is very powerful in shaping who a person is. One’s worldview provides meaning for life. A worldview is not something that appears in one’s life or is automatically obtained, it is something that is developed throughout life. It is important to recognize what one’s personal worldview is and also be open to other views, for the learning of other worldviews often strengthens one’s own
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