Compare And Contrast Attitudes Towards Students Working Part-Time

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Topic: Comparison and Contrast: Place Where People Live and Work. Compare and Contrast attitudes towards students working part-time in your country and in the USA. Use specific examples and provide appropriate evidence to explain your answer.
Nowadays, more students do part-time job during their school days to earn money or to have practical experience. In this essay, I am going to compare and contrast the different attitudes toward students doing part-time job in China and USA. In China, there are only a few types of part-time job, such as shopkeeper and working in factories. However, in USA, it is possible for students to work in various kinds of shop or even work as intern in companies. As a result, there are
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In today’s society, the fixed model for ordinary Chinese student is working hard on their study since very young to be admitted by better primary school, middle school and high school and then, they would get high marks in Gaokao, which is a kind of exam like ACT, to enter some best universities to get a well-paid job in the future. As the fierce competition in China, parents ask their children to put 100% energy in study and they usually think working part-time would decrease school success because of less study time. Gwen (2012) notes most of Chinese parents are more strict in study than American parents. They push their children to study, practice more and get achievement and give children enough financial support. Furthermore, many Chinese students think doing extra part-time job would make them feel more stressful because most of them are forced to go institutions to have extra classes at the weekend. As a result, many Chinese people do not have positive attitudes toward students working…show more content…
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