Compare And Contrast Art Deco Style

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In Project two there were four styles referenced for each student. These four styles are: Art Deco, Craftsman, Tudor, and Victorian style. These four styles have been part of what has shaped the architectural world and brought individual character into homes. Although these four styles are vastly different, they have similarities to one another. Through this essay I will compare these four styles in their comparisons and contrasts. Art Deco style is a style that is inspired by the repetition of designs and color that is vivid seen in the Egyptian artwork. This style combines geometrical designs as well as motifs that include high gloss finishes. The key elements seen in art deco flat roofs, smooth walls, bold decorations on the exterior, and experimentation with the materials of the interiors. With the smooth walls that are featured in art deco style homes, the walls are usually made of smooth stucco and feature rounded corners on the walls. The exterior decorations feature bold patterns, including but not limited to, zigzags, swans, lilies, and motifs that also feature sunrises. The experimentation of interior materials in an art deco style can be seen through the use of materials of neon, glass block, chrome,…show more content…
Art Deco style and Craftsman style complement each other in their similarities. With both housing styles being similar, they are both seen more being one story homes. The styles of Victorian and Tudor are seen usually with multiple stories in one’s home. With these similarities and differences, it creates personality for each style home. These traits of personality for each style home, create the ambiance for what the home is known for. How each home is styled is what people fall in love with. With the personalities created, loved, and remembered; this creates a standard style that brings the homes and styles talked about to what they are
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