Compare And Contrast Antigone And Nicholas Winton

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Nobody is born with the ability to understand what is morally correct or not. Throughout the course of life we learn through trials and tribulations what it means to do the right thing for ourselves and others. It can often be very difficult to chose the ethical path, even if we know deep down that it’s the right decision. However choosing the path of morality, rather than straying afar is what defines the honorable from the deplorable. Nicholas Winton is a prime example of an honorable individual doing what is right despite the socialistic views of others around him. While Winton isn’t a familiar name in today’s society, his humanitarian achievements should be brought to light. In 1939 during World War II, amongst the Holocaust in Europe “Winton…show more content…
Antigone and Winton are very different individuals, however they both share the same quality of determination. When faced with the challenge of protecting others over the consequence of their own demise; both characters chose to die trying saving others from the evils of humanity. Antigone knew that her brother Polyneices deserved the respect of a proper burial, despite the choices he made when he was alive. Antigone, determined to bury her brother went against the advice of her sister and the the command of the King. “Go away, Ismene: I shall be hating you soon, and the dead will too, For your words are hateful. Leave me my foolish plan: I am not afraid of the danger; if it means death. It will not be the worst of deaths, death without honor ” (Sophocles 193) Despite fully knowing the repercussions of her actions Antigone went against the law of Creon, something nobody else would dream of doing. She was a symbol to the people of Thebes of strong will and a future without such injustice, she was so determined to do what was right morally for herself and in return it would benefit others. Regardless of the fact Ismene was the only direct family Antigone had left, she was willing to lose her only sister and her own life to ensure the peaceful afterlife of her dead brother. Antigone felt that Ismene was being cowardly, that she wasn’t strong or determined enough to stand up to creon in the name of her brother which only made her own determination grow. Nicholas winton was extremely determined to help the children of Czechoslovakia knowing without an escape plan they would die or spend their lives in a concentration camp. He was a source of hope for troubled parents, and children who otherwise would have had no future. “Winton went to Prague, where he bribed officials, forged documents, and raised travel funds. Winton registered more than 900 children within weeks”
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