Compare And Contrast Animal Farm And V For Vendetta

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The purpose of any and all texts is to criticise our society, whether that criticism is found in a novel or a film. This is established in the Novella ‘Animal Farm,’ written by George Orwell and the film ‘V for Vendetta’ by James McTeigue. Both of these texts analyse the way society is managed and how the populations can permit this management.
The abuse of power for self-gain, is inevitable in all totalitarian societies. This is evaluated in both Animal Farm and V for Vendetta through their representation of these societies and the individuals that lead them. In Animal Farm, allegory and altruistic irony is utilised when the pigs benefit from the other animal’s absence of reading kills when they modify the commandments ever so slightly. Allegory
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Through this dramatic irony Orwell is trying to picture to the audience the selfishness of the pigs, and so criticizing the selfishness of Stalin and the leaders of the Russian Revolution. The selfishness of totalitaristic leaders is also depicted in V for Vendetta. James McTeigue draws this idea into V for Vendetta through allusions to the Nazi Party and Hitler. This allusion is established throughout the film, with direct representations, such as the close up of the Nazi flag in Gordons house and through the symbolism of the finger men logo which vaguely resembles the swastika. Allusions to Hitler are also drawn straight from Sutler himself. The rhyming of Hitler and Sutler as well as during flashbacks of…show more content…
Through their use of allusion, symbolism and representation they portray many of societies flaws and imperfections. Such an imperfection includes the illustration of how totalitarian governments abuse the power they have acquired for their own gain, harming the people they are sworn to serve and protect. Through this abusive self-gaining government, we all are liable to become victims of consumer culture caused by the blind obedience to advertising and propaganda, being unable to form or voice an opinion of our own. But this lack of opinion can be at fault because of our own apathy, the ignorance and slothfulness that is contributed to the role we play in our society and the importance of that roles ability to motivate and inspire change. Whether you’ve read or viewed the novels or feature films I’ve discussed I have no hesitation in saying any text or film you have seen has been used in some way, shape or form to convey the criticisms of our ‘perfect’

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