Compare And Contrast Ancient Greek And Roman Military

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Thomas Jefferson once said “every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans…” and Jefferson was nearly correct in his saying. The Ancient Greeks and Romans were and are still considered some of the most renowned and well-known early European civilization. Despite having a handful of differences and being known for different advancements and creations, one of Greece and Rome’s better known achievements were their military and the technology and strategy that surrounds it.
Moreover, the Greeks deemed warfare as “a necessary evil of the human condition,” the survival of the city-states relied heavily on a standing militia. Greek citizens began to train next to each other and thus forming the hoplite class.
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Furthermore, the Romans are known for their impressive strength and “professionalism of their heavy infantry” which was a force that “organized and reorganized as it evolved and adapted to survive the assaults of its mortal enemies” in order to “conquer the Western world.” One can see that Ancient Rome places an enormous emphasis on its militarily, seeing that most of their culture and roots were centered around it. In Ancient Rome, the general population were in full support of their military counterparts, entwining themselves with their military and sharing similar values despite not actually being a part of the military. For example, the Roman leaders “were men with military experience” who were “expected to command the legions in times of war,” which in turn, led for not only the soldiers to have “a relentless drive, never yielding to defeat, even after suffering catastrophic losses,” but the general population as
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