Compare And Contrast Absolution And Hemingway

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Charles Padial
Professor Anderson
December 1, 2015
Essay 2 Ernest Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald are one of the most well known authors to have ever existed. Both authors have a very unique style of writing that captures the audience. Hemingway uses a simple writing style that allows the main argument of his stories to be straightforward, as his writing contains strong imagery, metaphors, and symbolism. However, Fitzgerald writes much lengthier stories that are full of figurative language. Also, he employs a strong command of the language with very eloquent vocabulary. Even though both authors write in much different and unique manners, there is a strong connection between Fitzgerald’s short story “Absolution” and Hemingway’s short story “The Battler”. In order to progress on their journey of self discovery, the two main characters from each story must overcome fear and develop a stronger sense of understanding in regards to the life lessons embodied upon them throughout their “adventures.” In “The Battler” by Ernest Hemingway, the story begins with Nick Adams being thrown off the train. He then must figure out his way through the darkness in order to get to “somewhere”. Just like Rudolph overcoming fear in “Absolution”, Nick must overcome the adversity of being stranded in the middle of
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Both protagonists must find their own ways to overcome fear and continue forward in their adventures. Nick Adams has to overcome the fear of being thrown off a train in the middle of the night and with no where to go, while Rudolph has to overcome the fear of confessing his sin to Father Schwartz and offending God. While both characters struggle to figure out their true identity, they are taught life lessons along the way in order to progress on their journey of self

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