Compare And Contrast 2010 Vs Lady Macbeth

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261 words

The play Macbeth is a classic, concrete piece. However, many movies have been made that are different than the others. Two films in particular differ, which are the the 2010 and the 1978 Macbeth. Lady Macbeth in the 2010 film is manipulative and cruel whereas Lady Macbeth in the 1978 production she is convincing. How Lady Macbeth interacts with Macbeth has a big effect on the outcome of the play and his actions.
In the 1978 production Lady Macbeth is wearing black modest clothing with a head covering. She looks younger, and more like a wife or a mother. I feel the directors were really trying to create an impression with this Lady Macbeth. The 1978 version is not so much manipulative, but more pleading. Because she is close with her husband

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the play macbeth is a classic, concrete piece, but many movies have been made that are different than the others.
  • Analyzes how the 1978 production of lady macbeth is less manipulative, but more pleading. she is close with her husband and persuaded him to do things.
  • Analyzes how lady macbeth is portrayed as a thin, older looking woman. she wears dresses with lower necklines, which was probably considered scandalous at the time.
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