Compare And Contrass Writing The Modes Of Essay Writing

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Essay Writing 1 course is an English course that teaches writing the modes of an essay. It is a course curriculum requirement that students who wants to specify in English must take. Essay writing has more than one important thing that 18 years old must know about. Firstly, Essay Writing 1 is an English course in Qatar University that has seven teachers teaching it. It is called Essay Writing 1 because it explains how to write different modes of an essay and how to combine them together. In addition to that, it has a second course which is called essay writing 2 that is more advanced in writing theses modes. Students who take this course can learn how to write their ideas in the write place or mode. For example, they can know if this information…show more content…
For example, he gives straightforward but funny examples that make the students understand and remember it easily because of the joke. However, students in class have a lot of homework to do every class. Essay Writing 1 do not require a book because its content depends on writing different modes of essays that the writer uses his mind to write them on certain rules. In every class there is a discussion between the teacher and the students about the every mode separately. Each mode takes about several classes from the teacher to make sure that the students understand that…show more content…
It helps the students to improve their ideas because different modes mean different ideas. The teacher asks the students to write an essay before he explain it so that he can see how did they understood the structure of the essay from the power point he uploads and then explains the structure for them then he asks them again to rewrite it for the last time. If a student wanted to write more than one paper for the same essay the teacher tells him to bring the new paper and the last papers to see how the student improved his essay. Although Essay Writing 1 is an easy course, it needs to be understood very well because if students misunderstood any small detail they will get a low

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