Compare A Midsummer's Dream And Othello

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In a vast majority of William Shakespeare 's plays love in its multiple forms is a prominent theme but it is romantic love that takes the main role in both A Midsummer Nights Dream and Othello. However in both these mentioned plays, romantic love is portrayed in very different ways, which shouldn 't seem too odd given that the two play are at different end of the spectrum, one being a comedy and the other being a tragedy. Yes, of course, some of the love stories in these plays have their similarities but the end results are so drastically different that it is hard to even imagine that these love stories are ultimately the same. Despite some stints of manipulation from outside sources the love displayed in A Midsummer Nights Dream, for the most…show more content…
The only somewhat comparable love story to be found in A Midsummer Nights Dream would be that of Oberon and Titania and even that may be called a stretch. While the latter pair have their issue and play their games, neither goes to the extremes that the former pair does or performs actions that have such damaging repercussions as the ones which result from the story of Desdemona and Othello. A much more violent and reckless love story it seems fitting that their love story should end the way it does given that their entire relationship begins with the deception of Desdemona 's own father, Brabantio. While their love seems more easily accepted by her father and the court it still manages to come with its fair share of problems, both from inside and out. Their love seems to start pure enough, for as pure as a love built on a deception can be, for in the beginning it does seem that Desdemona and Othello truly love each other. 'She loved me for the dangers I had passed and I loved her that she did pity them. '2 However, as in the nature of tragedies, this period of happy love cannot last. Not long after the start of their marriage, between Iago 's meddling and ulterior motives and Othello 's own deeply ingrained jealousy and fear starts to cause problems. While solely not to blame for the eventual culmination of the play, Othello 's issues regarding his wife and her virtue and his willingness to believe Iago and his poison over his wife and her clear devotion to Othello, his actions towards the end do call into question the depth and trueness of Othello 's love for his wife. 'Made to write 'whore ' upon? What Committed? Committed? O thou public commoner...Impudent strumpet! ' (Shakespeare, pp. 281 – 282, line 73 – 82.) Now surely, if
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