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The texts Frankenstein and Blade Runner are composed in different times, reflecting different values and perspectives while exploring similar content. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner examine the danger of man playing God and the intersection of science and ethics. However, both texts are set in opposing landscapes, portraying the view of nature in the text’s context. Shelley’s novel Frankenstein explores the tension of science with ethics as the scientific progress tends to be without the critical thinking of moral values. Frankenstein represents the values of the Romantic era, critiquing the construction of society’s ethics and exploring the moral dichotomy that surrounds experimental science. The character of Walton and the epistolary form created as a framed narrative contextualises Frankenstein’s scientific fervour in his endeavours. Frankenstein, like Walton, is driven by a desire to assist mankind as Galvani’s scientific progress provided theories to animal electricity and reanimating life. Shelley expresses a concern for the “ardent curiosity” expressed by Frankenstein and Walton. The Biblical imagery of light and darkness describes Frankenstein’s work “from the midst of this darkness a sudden light broke in upon me… I was surprised… that I alone... should be reserved to discover so astonishing a secret. Frankenstein is initially blinded to his deed and ironically perceives himself as a God-like creator due to his benevolent idea to help mankind from death. The rhetorical question "What can stop the determined heart and resolved will of man?” expresses the danger of scientific hubris and playing God. Similarly, Blade Runner by Ridley Scott explores the ethical views of science in recreating life... ... middle of paper ... ...the low angle camera shot of the Tyrell Headquarters, the dominance of the Tyrell Corporation in society is revealed. Also, they are willing to exploit nature similar to their willingness of exploiting the replicants. The replicants symbolise the profit motive can drive society to their valueless path advertised by “designed and ordered for your needs”. Also through the process of defamiliarizing the familiar by the advertising bombardment of the city with prominent brand names, for instance ‘Coca Cola’, ‘Panam’ and TDK, the viewers are given a potential future of the world .This furthermore expresses that nature has become a commodity. The study of Frankenstein substantially correlates to the similar concepts expressed in the film of Blade Runner although the two texts have different contexts. They reflect the societal perspectives and values as science advances.

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