Comparative Culture May Be of Value to International Business

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To make comparative culture may be value into international business it can be issues in social stratification with rank some people more highly than others like dictates a person’ class, status and financial rewards within that culture. In business, this may entail ranking members of managerial groups more highly than production group members. For issues, the social stratification is determined by individual’s achievements and qualification, next the affiliation with or membership in certain groups and this two points or factors interact but the importance of one versus the other varies by business function and by culture.
For individual qualifications and their limitations, individual achievement is important and similarly, in some nations such as the United States, companies tend to base a person’s eligibility for employment and promotion largely on individual achievement and qualification. As usual, companies look for individual qualifications for choosing spokespersons for advertising; they also match spokespersons with the audience (group membership) they wish to reach, such as using older models for products aimed at the group of older consumers. Plus, the societies look at these group affiliations differently, thus causing certain business functions to be carried out differently. For example, companies in japan generally place more weight on seniority for employee promotion than companies in the US (thus favouring older employees) because Japan stresses cooperation over competition in the workplace.
Similarly, a study of hiring, promotion, compensation, and staff reduction practices at a number of banks showed that employers differed by nationality on all four functions. Besides that, when needing to make staff reductio...

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... little embarrassment with people in the world. However, it can have much graver sequences, such as structural collapses of buildings and airplane crashes. The communication on word must be carefully and here, some of example word in business like get references for the people who will do your translating, make sure the translator knows the technical vocabulary of business, for written work do back the translations, use simple words whenever possible and avoid slang like American slang and more.
In international business as a business people they must be careful with humor because some lacks a universal appeal. Plus, even when all parties to a communication come from countries that share an official language and don’t assume that understanding will go smoothly and clear.

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