Company Swot & SWOT Analysis Of Nandini

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2.1 INDUSTRY PROFILE: Milk is the nature’s idea of food for infants and growing children in our country, except in rare cases of lactose intolerance. That is importance of milk occupies in our diet has been recognized since Vedic time, and all modern research has only supported and reinforced this view. In fact, milk is now considered not only desirable but very much essential to person from his childhood. In early days the household have to produce their milk by maintaining their family cows or buffalos or they should secure from their neighbours. As the urbanization develops only few households are able to keep a cow for private use. The high production cost, problem of sanitation etc.., restricted the practice, gradually the family cow in…show more content…
SWOT analysis is good for analyzing an company and also it is a tool for auditing an company and its environment. This analysis will give a cross section of the company. It is the first stage of planning and helps marketers to focus on key issues. STRENGTH: • Nandini enjoys good brand image. • Nandini is a large procurement base. • K.M.F is the huge infrastructure for processing. • KMF has the Competitive prices. • K.M.F has wide distribution network leads to regular and time. • K.M.F enjoys highest market shares in the packed milk segment. WEAKNESS: • Perishable commodity. • Lack of professional man power. • Bureaucratic method of functions. • Due to bad smell that persists causes low sales. OPPORTUNITIES: • Huge market demand. • There is scope for developing in new area. • Availability of buffalo milk-Improves market milk quality. • Predominant of loose milk segment divide appropriate strategies. THREATS: • Increase of competitor’s milk vendors, unorganised sector. • Flexibility in commission structure. • No entry barriers for private players. • Low level of consumer awareness. • Persuade benefits of competing brand. 2.10 FUTURE GROWTH AND PROSPECTUS: • Export the product. • Introduce sterilizes flavour milk. • Dairy weightiness. • Introduce value added…show more content…
Mysore sales deposit -629101.80 86,45,31,481.77 86,45,31,481.77 TRADING AND PROFIT & LOSS a\c 1-Apr-2013 to 31-mar-2014 Particular 1/4/2012 31/3/2013 Particular 1/4/2012 31/3/2013 Opening stock 72804631.65 sales account 593440460.8 Butter 2553325.9 Oil & Lubricants 1183363.62 DIRECT INCOME 283025149.5 Package Material 20405261 Conversion charges-butter 60758520.47 Skim milk powder 7791325.66 Conversion charges-ghee 3,512,672.50 UHT Good Life Milk 2404578.99 Conversion charge-SMP 194,045,272.99 Consumable stores 1292259.5 Material handling-butter 17,537,001.00 Cream 846660 Material handling-SMP 4,216,832.58 Ghee-Loose 5726532,82 Material handling-gen 1110 Milk-loose 7621399.16 Market support from TPIL 2953740 Purchase Account 687429964.5 Inter state purchase Closing stock 98319325.68 Inter unit purchase Butter 21932038.98 Purchase of milk-PWM 1872026550 Oil & lubricants 16670303.82 Purchase of milk-RCM 192189133.9 packing material Purchase of store item 791649 SMP 26968899.91 Purchase of consumable 4,295,826.00 UHT GOOD LIFE MILK 9688416 purchase of diesel 41585229 LMP section Consumable

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