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UPS has developed in to a global packaging handling, logistics and Transportation Corporation Since its discovery in 1907 as a messenger company in the United States. United Parcel Service (UPS) has grown into a $36 billion corporation by clearly focusing on the goal of enabling commerce around the globe. Today UPS is a global company with one of the most recognized and admired brands in the world. They have become the world's largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services. Every day, they manage the flow of goods, funds, and information in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide (, 2006)
However, over the years we have seen the vast progression that has pioneered in the company in the 21st century. UPS is a global renowned corporation that has major importance in a global economic estate. Obviously the corporation that vast competition when it comes down to package delivery. FedEx is global empire that continues to follow the foot step of UPS. Over the last couple of years, we have seen the company grown into Mega Corporation that is leaving its competition behind.
I believe that the competitions between both logistic companies are not in the same categories. UPS is force that is taking the logistic, transportation company in to a new high standard. However, yeas there are some potential risk that it may endure during its process to being king of logistics. “FedEx has slowly gained in competition with UPS in terms of revenue. In a year, FedEx averages about $22 billion in sales while UPS averages $30 billion a year. Sometimes you just have to face the fact that a company’s success is best measured by its resul...

... middle of paper ... at full force to beat the competition, they are also conducting the same theory to make sure that my door closes as well. The competition is always zeroing into new idea to out whipped, outdate and to ensure you close your business doors. However, I do believe that this business needs to continue to sharpen his tools to move forward in the industry.

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