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Many companies have different targets and objectives but at the end of the day these different targets are aimed at profit maximization. Profit maximization enhances and ensures maximum value for the shareholders’ investment. Profit maximization requires strategizing and planning by the management. Leadership skills of senior management affect and influence most of the managerial decisions that facilitate either growth and success or collapsing and failure of a firm. Goals of firms established determine the kind of actions to be performed, their speed and finally their control and monitoring. A firm therefore is obligated to identify its growth objectives, actions to be implemented and continuous control and monitoring through feedback observation. Integration and coordination of different strategies is also very important for team work to boost growth and development of the firm.

With reference to the auditing results of the client’s firm the company needs to put in place changes required to streamline the company performance if needed. This should be done as the first thing so that the plans put in place do not fail as a result of using bad systems, inefficient managers, poor organizational structures and poor employee relationship with the management.

The flow diagram below is a simplified model showing different actions, recommendations and opportunities identified by the consultant firm.

Employee relationship with the management should be close and employees need to be motivated through rewards and remuneration. Working conditions should also be conducive for maximum performance to be experienced in the organization. Customer relationship with the supplier should be retained th...

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...ent feels that the changes and recommendations laid down are working and growth resumes. The client needs to know employees whose work is inefficient and make necessary changes with reference to the performance review.

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