Company Culture as an Impact on Team Building

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How does a company’s culture affect the team building, group cohesion, within the company? People, being social by nature, are inclined to join groups and seek others; and this does not change in the work environment. Employees want to be part of something within the work place and the company culture can affect how they invest in groups/teams in the work place.

Does the company encourage risk taking or attention to detail? Are they people or outcome focused? Do they prefer individual work or the team approach to projects? Do they promote their employees to be competitive with one another? Is the company in a growth cycle or are they just hanging on to the position they hold? The answer to these questions becomes clear by reviewing the company’s culture. In addition, this affects group cohesion through perspective, implementation, and development within that company.

Companies build teams out of the need to accomplish goals, but the culture of the group can affect the cohesiveness of the group, and the outcome of the project. What impact can a culture have on the group cohesiveness and therefore productivity? Does the team have an obligation to alter the culture to accomplish the tasks, if the current culture preempts productivity?

To explore the impact of company cultures influence on team building it is necessary to understand what parts make the whole:

1. Culture

2. Teams

3. Cohesion

Therefore, a gathering of these aspects determines the sum of the parts. Consequently, if any of these aspects if not in balance then the productivity of a team is faulty, and everyone involved loses.


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