CompCare- A Pharmaceutical Company

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The stakeholders in this scenario is the pharmaceutical company, CompCare, a subsidiary of PharmaCare, Wellco, a large drugstore chain, the employees of the various companies, the African nation of Colberia and the Colberians. PharmaCare company is running a successful business if ethics behavior on all scale is out of the equation. The company are able to find diligence workers in Colberia, who are willing to share information about indigenous cures located in the area. The Colberians are willing to walk five miles into and out the jungles carrying baskets up to 50 pounds. Also, they are willing to work $1.00 a day. Even though, this looks like highway robbery towards the Colberians; PharmaCare company are not forcing the opportunities of labor on them. Many people in the local area is enhancing their quality of life, for little money coming from the company. On the other hand, it is unethical for PharmaCare to help create social problems such as destroying the habitat and endangering the native species through extensive activities and business practices. It is amoral for PharmaCare to take advantage of the Colberia’s low standard of living and economic conditions. Most of the population lives in primitive huts with no electricity or running water. The people are simply trying to earn a living, and the executives are living in luxury with swimming pools, tennis courts and golf course. The question is, where does the line draw? Clearly, some Colberians know these extensive activities in their local area is destroying their habitat and the executives know as well. Allen cannot legally fire Donna, Tom or Ayesha. They are protected under the policy exception of the employee-at-will doctrine. The Director of Operatio... ... middle of paper ... ... due to the low standard of living in Colberia. This situation shows PharmaCare only cares about their profit margin and not practicing the standard of stewardship. Works Cited Global Corporate Forum. (2007). Whistleblowing: Recent Development and Implementation Issues. Issue 5 A Global Corporate Governance Forum Publication Retrieved from Halbert, T. &. (2012). Law & Ethics in the Business Environment. Mason, OH: South Western Cengage Learning. PharmaCare Services. (n.d.). Job Description Standards of Performance. Retrieved from United States Department of Labor. (n.d.). Building Operations and Management. Retrieved from
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