Community in Christ

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There is a parable that I remember hearing long ago. The first scene opens with several people sitting around a table with a large pot of delicious soup set before them. The aroma alone is tantalizing. However, the only way they can reach this pot of soup is with the long handled spooned utensils that they have been given. They are able to reach into this pot to retrieve the soup, but the problem begins when they attempt to feed themselves with these enormous instruments. It is impossible. Because of their inability to find a solution to this problem they become weak, frail and malnourished. The next scene is similar to the first. Again, there are several people sitting around a table with the same tantalizing pot of soup and the long handled spoons. However, these individuals have discovered a way to eat of this soup. They have discovered that instead of trying to feed themselves, if they feed the person sitting across from them they are able to enjoy the soup. Because of this group’s willingness to feed their neighbor they are not frail or malnourished, but rather they are well-feed. This parable is usually told to describe the difference between heaven and hell. Hell is described as the first scene, where the individuals are interested in only meeting their own needs. Because of their self-love and greed they lack what they need. On the other hand, the second scene is described as heaven. These individuals have learned to work the system. They have learned that if they meet their brothers’ needs, their needs will also be met. I love this parable. Yes, it does paint a different kind of picture of heaven and hell, but more specifically, I think that it paints a better picture of what community should look like. These opposite... ... middle of paper ... ...1: 15 gives an account of Jesus asking Peter three times a simple question, “do you love me?” Three times, Peter answered, “Yes!” and three times, Jesus replied, “Feed my sheep.” The third time Jesus asked Peter this question, scripture says that Peter became grieved. I can imagine that Peter was grieved because he knew that Jesus, who is all-knowing, knew the answer to this question that he repeatedly asked. The point that Jesus was trying to convey to Peter was that, if you love me take care of my flock, the greater community among you. In addition, if we are to function interdependently as a community of believers we must use our long handled spoons to reach across to our brothers and sisters who are need and feed them. It is when we come to the realization that in loving men, we show our ultimate love of God that we truly began to function as a community.
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