Community Policing

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On the matter of community policing, I believe that the police force plays a big role. This is based on implementing the various strategies geared towards achieving an effective community policing. Taking a closer look at crime, it is widely evident that crime cases in any given society cannot be solved by any single individual alone. This calls for aid in order to curb the vice. Not to mention the complexity of crime, the police should no be left alone to deal with the matter. The community and police thus need to work together to deal with criminal activities. This will necessitate splitting of the crime matter into smaller areas that are easy to manage. The police officers are then set to work in these areas. The police therefore work with the community instead of working against the community, to curb the crime. This decentralization results in police officers handling social and physical problems in the community. As a result, the criminal activities in the area decline. This boosts an improvement in the quality of life to the members of the community. Also, it builds the image of police force in that the police end up being effective and reliable agents of fighting crime (Campbell police department, 2003).

According to Kratcoski, and Edelbacher (2008), community policing definition carries four elements. These elements include: involvement of community members, being centered to the community, focus to the crime cause and solving problems, and redefinition of policing goals with the major goal being to improve the quality of life of the community members. The policing incorporates the philosophical and specific approach. On philosophy, it is assumed that the community members have eminent capability in preventing and curb...

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... further have a burden of establishing the various parameters of operation to meet the goals of community policing (Police executive research forum, n.d).


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