Community Observation Paper

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According,to my community observation,it did not impacted me to see a community that needs support,but at the same time I feel proud,of programs and activities that my community offers.On my walk about ,Social services and health institutions around my community is abundant.On my walked about I notice,there are several agencies which it's good ,because it provides individuals,assistance and it keeps public aware of their needs. Encourages them to seek and get assistance if is needed.My individual I research confirmed, these social services and health institutions do provided at a professional level help, with dignity and ethnics. I notice, there are several safety net programs such as public assistance, food stamp and Medicaid, child…show more content…
According to studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, creating, improving and promoting places to be physically active can improve individual and community health and result in a 25 percent increase of residents who exercise at least three times per week. A study by Penn State University showed significant correlations to reductions in stress, lowered blood pressure, and perceived physical health to the length of stay in visits to
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