Community And Work: What Is Social Work?

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What Is Social Work? The purpose of social work is to help people in need. You help build better people, you want to do something for people that counts. You want to make a difference in your community. To be a social worker you would have to be unselfish. Social workers create opportunities to change people 's lives in different ways. The social works help with problems you may have, issues you may have. Social workers help with bettering people and the community. They help homeless people by buying food and water for them. They have helped people that have been raped or abused. The social workers provide counseling for the people with these type of issues. (Dubois & Miley 2014) “Many of my daily activities involve advocacy for constituents.” (p.5) The Social workers help clients obtain tangible resources, provide education and influence the development of social policy. Social Workers work with clients individually and also sometime in groups it just depend on the clients. To accomplish the goal of enhancing people captivities to resolve problems, cope, and function effectively. Practitioners assess obstacles to clients ability to function. Social workers also identify resources and strengths, enhance skills for dealing with problems in living. Linking clients with needed resources. Achieving this goal means helping clients locate…show more content…
Physical needs encompass basic life supplies such as food shelter and clothing. Intellectual development thrives when opportunities synchronize with individual capacity. Social growth includes socialization needs and developing meaningful relationships with others. Spiritual growth centers on discovering a meaning for life that provides purpose and transcends everyday experience. (Dubois & Miley 2014) “As a social worker in the hospice program, i work with participants and their families in a lot of different

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