Community And Community: The Five Concepts Of A Community


“Don’t mourn for me- organize!” -Joe Hill

A social work professional is someone who not only works for people but also has a wide range of ideas and knowledge about the steps that would provide maximum benefit to people. A social work professional, therefore, begins by knowing the basics for working with people which entails having an idea about working with communities.
Community, as a concept, cannot be defined in a single way. There are several perspectives that go into making a community. The Oxford dictionary of Sociology has defined community as follows:- The concept of community concerns a particularly constituted set of relationships based on something which the participants
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But besides identity, geography, problems, needs, resources, social capital, etc. are also shared. Ross has said that in some instances, community means a geographical area and in some instances it means an association of interests. In either case, community as a social system renders 5 functions: economic production, socialization, social control, social participation and mutual support. Social workers working with communities, undertake community organization.

Organizing can be viewed as a means of achieving and guiding local control over problems that originate elsewhere in society. Programs and services are aimed at certain populations of the disenfranchised or disadvantaged. Therefore, the understanding of community from the motive of community organization assumes that communities have inherent problems. For dealing with the problems that are being faced, it is important to understand the community in its totality.
Murray G. Ross (1967) defines community organization as a “process by which a community identifies its needs or objectives, gives priority to them, develops confidence and will to work at them, finds resources (internal and external) to deal with them, and in doing so, extends and develops cooperative and collaborative attitudes and practices in the
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Social planning model will be needed to supplement the former. The social planning model refers to community work where a worker or an agency undertakes an exercise evaluating the welfare needs and existing services in a town, village or municipal area, or maybe in a State, and suggest a possible blueprint for more efficient delivery of social services. Generally such attempts are confined to particular fields, such as housing, education, health, child care or women's development. Some may include plans for a better transport system or drainage facility under this type of community work. This model will be helpful for the following reasons:- o In the beginning it was said that the community has problems with drainage, education, housing, health and so on. To bring about overall improvement in the community, each and every aspect of it has to be taken care separately. For delving into those problems and solving, each aspect

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