Communist Memorialization

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The rhetorical implications of Communist memorialization are intricate. Communism is both a personal (family) history and a collective (national/global) history. Each commemorative display in Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Germany are indicative to that particular country’s role in Communism; their historicity is mainly dependent upon social, political, and artistic ideals that transform from one generation to another. Which, may lend reason to, why and what each of these countries chose to memorialize from their past.

The importance of memorialization varies immensely. One could say that, history suffered during the communist regime not only by lack of chances to study some of the important topics, but it fell behind the western historical science even in terms of methodology. The specificity of reconstructing modern history is the possibility of using memorials, written sources as well as testimonies and memories of people, who experienced the happening on their own.

On the other hand, it is a consensus that, the remaining communist memorials in these four Eastern Euro...
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