Communism vs God

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COMMUNISM! A word that has brought fear to many Americans since the early 1900s. What exactly is communism and what makes it so bad? Most people hear about everyone living by the same rules and how there is no rich or poor everybody’s equal but do they ever stop to ask how are they going to get the money to make it like that? Well, in my paper I’ll show how communists plan to make everybody equal. Communism has been around for hundreds even thousands of years. It was first made popular by *1 V.I. Lenin after he read the writings of Karl Marx. *2 It was first practiced in a government by Russia after the Revolution in 1917 The idea sounds like a good one: everyone shearing and get equal shares in everything but heres an example of what it would be like : Say you lived in a small town that had 100 people (18 or so families) living in it. Well, when your government became communist you did really care because you lived in a tight knit community so everybody shared with their neighbors any way. So being a very hard worker you start tilling up your 50 acres of land but after you get most of your land tilled a man from the government comes and tells you that from now on that you no longer own any land but the government will let you take care of 20.6 acres as long as you send some of the produce to them every year after harvest. Well, of corse you get upset but the man from government says not to worry that the same goes for all of your town and that everybody has an equal share. He also tells you that the government will pay for all the seed for you to plant. This appeases you a little since you won’t have to pay for the seed any more. So you work and toil till harvest only there was a drought this year so it went hard on most of your neighbor but you were lucky to have a creek next to the land you took care of so you had raised a bumper crop. Then the man from the government came again and told you since this had been a bad year he would have to take all of your crops but that you could have enough for a week and when you run out come to the community store house for more.

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