Communism In The Manifesto

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The communist Manifesto asserts that the spectre of communism has spread across Europe and that all the old powers of Europe have entered an alliance to eliminate it. Marx and Engels viewed capitalist development as revolutionary that led to the destruction of old feudal systems and major social and economic advances. I think that the Manifesto depicts the evolving conditions and the consciousness of the proletariat through the birth of the modern Bourgeoisie. The history of society is that of class struggle and antagonism dating back to the time of serfdom in which oppressor and oppressed stood in constant opposition of one another. This struggle rages into a fight that ends in a revolutionary reconstruction of society or a ruin of contending classes. The manifesto also shows that the rise of the modern bourgeois is a product of serval revolutions in that has developed new conditions of oppression, new class, and newer forms of struggle. On the whole, the advancement of the modern bourgeois had simplified class struggle by forming two groups, the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat.…show more content…
It put an end to all feudal and patriarchal relations, eliminating relationships between master and servant. Occupations such as doctors, lawyers, and priests also began to change into wage labor professions in lieu of the bourgeoisie’s rise. In order for the Bourgeoisie to exist it has to constantly revolutionize it means of production while constantly expanding markets for its products, ultimately changing relations in society. As civilization becomes too industrialized, crisis due to over production threatens to destroy the Middle Class and in trying to remedy the situation they lose their ability to prevent new
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