Communism : Communism And Communism

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"Communism." Britannica Online Academic Edition (2015). Print.
The article gives an overview of communism itself and its background throughout history. The article states that communism is a higher form of socialism and the ideas Karl Marx laid down to create a classless society through the use of communism. The article has excerpts about how Marx identified two phases of communism and how communism would eventually overthrow capitalism. The article reviews his two phases one of which describes how the working class would control society and the government; the other being Marx’s idea of, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”
After reviewing this I concluded that it is a good source because of its use of historical principles about communism and excerpts from Marx who is known for his studies and ideas that made communism what it is. This article also brings an established definition of communism with various established contributors to develop an educated definition. The article delivers very clean and clear information about communism and the history of communism.
The source definitely could hold use in a paper analyzing communism and its use in a society. The article gives a thorough overview of communism throughout history under influential leaders, this would be very effective for an essay. The source is scholarly and gave general information of communism and what it is. Its clarity provided me with more education on the history of communism.
Eagleton, Terry. Why Marx Was Right. New Haven: Yale UP, 2011. Print.
In the text the author brings light to the issue with the preconceived idea that Marxism is done for. The text tells the most common misconceptions constructed by criti...

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...nism in a deeper sense stating the best way to understand communism as an overall concept is to separate it within a society and look at each sector as its own. This intelligent view of the political ideology gives the source an authority that establishes an important credible aspect within this text. The article also focuses on communism in our modern society which makes the issues and study of communism even more relevant.
This article gives an in depth direction of studying communism and some of the points and ideas that communism brings which gives this article superb points when writing an analysis essay, so I would use this as a source. This article also brings modern points to the idea of communism and details of both the philosophical and political sides of the communist idea. This article is relevant for today’s time period, and give specific descriptions.