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“Communism” What is Communism? Communism is the doctrine of the conditions of the liberation of the proletariat. It also can be defined as a conceptualized system of government in which resources and production facilities are the property of the entire society rather than individuals. In a communist society, labor is shared equally as well, and the benefits of labor are distributed according to need (Communism.4all 1). No one person shall be ranked higher than another and there is to be one person in charge of the society in a communism government. There are still to this day many countries that fall under the rule of communism and the ways they were transformed under communist rule is quite interesting. Just a few to mention are; Vietnam, Cuba, and China. China and Russia both went to great lengths to turn their countries into communist ones. Russia then became a non-communist country and is better for it. Communism is also looked at from a religious standpoint and the church has extremely strong views on it. Communism is not only a governmental system it is how people are forced to live their lives, good and the bad come with it. As I mentioned before, communism goes under the liberation of the proletariat. A proletariat is that class in society which lives entirely from the sale of its labor and does not draw profit from any kind of capital; whose weal and woe, whose life and death, whose sole existence depends on the demand for labor-hence, on the changing state of business, on the vagaries of unbridled competition. The proletariat or the class of Proletarians, is, in a word, the working class of the 19th century (Marxists 1). This is just one example of the ways of the Communist rule. The Proletariat originated in the industrial revolution, which took place in England in the last half of the 18th century, and which has since been repeated in all the civilized countries in the world (Marxists 2). Before the industrial revolution began, devices such as the steam engine, spinning machines and a bunch of other mechanical devices were invented. These new and extremely expensive machines could only be purchased by the capitalists. Therefore, the machines were brought industry work into the hands of the capitalists and were worthless property to the workers. This meant that the capitalists had eve... ... middle of paper ... ... governmental system. Majority of the people in the world would like to make their own decisions and not be told what to do from childhood. It is a system that does take away your freedoms and does not allow you to make your own decisions. United States on the other hand is just the opposite, in that you are allowed to protest, vote for what you believe in and have the basic freedoms of just about anything. There are only a few countries left in this world that are still under the rule of communism and I believe that once the rulers of those nations die off, the U.S. will have something to say about it. I do not believe that communism will survive very long because America has shown in the past and recently that when we do not like a way a country is doing something, we will come in and fix it. For example, we did not like the way Saddam Hussein was running things and going about his business, so we went in and took over. Why not do this to every country we don’t agree with from a political standpoint. So, all in all, communism will not be around much longer and democracy will become the governmental system of the world.

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