Communicative Language Teaching In English Language

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In the field of ELT, different and innovative ideas have been added for language teaching. In the recent era, the trend is more towards Communicative Language Teaching(CLT).Compared to previous time when learning a new language was meant for reading literature, now it has become a necessity for communication. After mother tongue people learn another language for maintaining communication with the people speaking different languages. Hence, language is learnt as a means of communication rather than a subject. So, with the changed necessity of language learning, the teaching methods and approaches have also been altered.
The importance of facial expressions and gestures (body language, paralinguistic aspects etc.) are agreed to be important in
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Different equipment like multimedia projector, computer, audio and video are making task of language teachers’ easier. With the usage of these audio and visual materials, teaching the target language to the learners in the class is holding the attention of the learners and it is also contextualized. In a multi-cultural country like India, there is a need of common language. Hence, English language could cater to this need up to a large extent. The development of English language in India can be divided into pre and post independence of the country.

With the arrival of East India Company in India, English language came in 17th century. The basic purpose of introducing English language was to accomplish trade with India and other countries in east. Primarily the British people tried to learn Indian languages so that they could communicate with Indians. They also started special colleges for this purpose. Meanwhile, they also took the help of the translators. But with the rise of their political powers, they created the British Indian provinces like Bengal, Madras and Bombay. After that more importance was given to English instead of Indian languages by the foreign traders. Later on, the East India Company took the duty of the education in India. Nearly in 1830s the Indian middle class people realized importance of English and its requirement for secure future in government
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