Communications in Management Analysis

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As a manager, you can be responsible for not only managing a business and its employees but also hiring those employees, leading them, planning and organizing various things, as well as the overall responsibility of making sure what needs to be done- gets done. It is obvious that while completing these duties, communication plays a huge role in the management field. Rather a manager is conducting a staff meeting, speaking with a customer, or discussing business ideas with executives, it is vital their communication skills are top notch. Communications skills of a successful manager include being able to give directions, explain expectations and consequences as well as handle difficult situations such as firing someone (Morley, 2014). Not only do you need to be able to delegate responsibilities and tasks, but actively listen to others and be able to show that you understand when responding, both verbally and non verbally. A manager should be able to effectively communicate in writing just as they can verbally and through body language. How Communication has Changed within Management As technology has advanced and changed our daily lives, it has also changed the way managers communicate on a daily basis. The change technology was bringing into the management field was felt over fifteen years ago, before it really took off and turned into the vital form of communication it is now. Three students from the University of Oregon did a report on the changes they were seeing back in 1998. At that time, they reported an employee publication, such as a newsletter or newspaper, was the primary and most common tool used by employers to communicate with their employees (Stein, Bentley, Wanta, 1998). How times have changed! Employers w... ... middle of paper ... ...ley, M. (2014). The Importance of Communication in Business Management. Small Business. Retrieved May 8, 2014, from Stein, A., Bentley, C., & Wanta, W. (1998, March 25-28). Delivering the news: A study of employee communications practices used by newspaper editors. Retrieved May 8th, 2014 from Total Communicator. (2004). Know Your Audience . The Total Communicator. Retrieved May 9, 2014, from Watson, S. (2010, July 14). "10 Tips for Effective Workplace Communication"-Respect Cultural Differences. HowStuffWorks. Retrieved May 9, 2014, from

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  • Explains that a manager's time is spent communicating, so knowing how to communicate effectively is vital to their career and the success of the business they work for.
  • Explains that non-verbal communication is the most difficult form of communication to control because it is composed of factors such as body language, tone of voice, physical appearance, and facial expressions.
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