Communicational Aspects of Pharmacy

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Communication in the field of pharmaceutics is very important. It is important to understand how and what forms of communication best fit for your practice setting. To name a few simple and appropriate gestures, patient counseling, verbal and non-verbal all play vital roles in forming quality relationships and understanding of the pharmacy world around us. What we are trying to say is not always what the listeners hears. It is important to be as clear and precise with your answers as possible and it up to both parties to speak up if further explanation need be obtained. They say the voice is the selling feature of the individual. From our voices a person can tell if we are friendly, timid, or even a little spontaneous. A key to remember is how you make your voice fluctuate and add emphasis to spoken word. This can make you sound for enthusiastic on the job even if you are having a terribly long day. Also, your volume, which is very important as on a daily basis a pharmacist will deal with a variety of people of the community with hearing issues and elder age. Basic principles that pharmacy schools attempt to teach is communication should be prompt, and we respond to others quickly. Try to organize your thoughts and make certain you understand what you might be saying before saying. (Wick pg. 131) Remember that you have other resources in the pharmacy and it is okay for a pharmacist to say “ pardon me while I research this (drug/side effects) and gain a further understanding before I go on.” Accredited Intuitions of Pharmacy also preach that non-verbal is also important, such as eye contact, facing the guest and giving full attention and assertiveness. This will make the person feel more comfortable and an enhanced exper... ... middle of paper ...>. McDonough, Randy P. "Improving Communication Skills of Pharmacy Students Through Effective Precepting." Improving Communication Skills of Pharmacy Students Through Effective Precepting. American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, 15 June 2006. Web. 26 Jan. 2012. . Noel, Michael W., and J. Lyle. Bootman. Human Resources Management in Pharmacy Practice. Rockville, MD: Aspen Systems, 1986. Print. Rovers, John P. A Practical Guide to Pharmaceutical Care. Washington, D.C.: American Pharmaceutical Association, 1998. Print. Tomko, Jim R.Ph Discount Drug Mart, Independence Ohio, Job Shadowing/Senior Project Report. May 6, 2009. Alumni of University of Toledo Wick, Jeannette Y. Supervision: A Pharmacy Perspective. Washington, DC: American Pharmaceutical Association, 2003. Print.

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