Communication in Ken Ellis´ Gathering

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People associate communication as only verbal interaction with someone else; however, a piece of artwork serves a medium of communication between an artist and an observer. Every piece of artwork contains an important take away. A piece of art expresses an artist’s self-expression and creativity. The take away from a piece of artwork alters from different perception of each viewer. Beliefs and values play an essential role in how someone views the intent behind a piece of artwork. Ken Ellis, a native Chicago artist, communicates important intercultural values through his unique form of artwork. Ellis’s collection called “Gathering” is composed entirely of fabric dye quilt. Through Ellis’s fabric dye quilted artwork, elements of interpersonal communication are exhibited such as the credibility, intercultural communication, gender communication, and nonverbal communication.

Ken Ellis originally used oil has his medium in his artwork; however, when he started to use fabric dye his connection to his work changed. Ellis states, “working with the fabric dyes, needle & thread I feel as though I'm working WITH the piece as oppose to working ON a piece with paint, this makes me feel more at one with the piece” (Featured Artist Ken Ellis, 2013). Ellis’s deep connection to his work increases the transparency and intent the artwork portrays. As a result, the credibility of the Ellis’s artwork increases. The intent of Ellis’s work is to show the unique cultures that exist in the world and the important moments in history.

Ellis’s credibility takes a fall for his lack of competence. Ellis is not a historian; therefore, he lacks expertise on the history and detail behind the important events shown in his quilted images. Viewers may view...

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...he diluted pupil in Chief Joseph’s eyes was to show the audience the anger the Native American felt when American invaded their property. Nonverbal communication has an impact on what is communicated to another person.

The most effective way of communicating may be through verbal messages. However, many ways of communicating exist. Ken Ellis’s art exhibit, “Gathering,” which composed entirely of fabric dye quilted images depicts important moments in history and different culture that exist in the world. Through Ellis’s work, elements of interpersonal communication can be taken away after viewing the artwork. Ellis reaches out to the audience through his unique medium of artwork. Ellis portrays the different cultures and moments in history in a way that lets the audience think about why the artwork was put together the way it was. The audience is able to connect.
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