Communication, Servanthood, And Servanthood In Nursing

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This project has really been eye opening in that it showed me how much I have grown throughout my journey to become a nurse. My original powerpoint was pretty bland and sadly not very creative either. It gave the basic definitions of communication, advocacy, role of a christian nurse, and servanthood. Throughout my three years following NSG150 I have grown tremendously and my understanding of communication, servanthood, advocacy, and role of a christian nurse have evolved.
Communication has always been a strength of mine throughout my life. I was always a leader in my group projects as well as being team captain of my soccer team. So when I began nursing it only seemed natural for me that communication would be easy skill for me in nursing. Although my communication skills were well developed I did learn that I could further grow in this area from my experience in the hospital. I learned that communication is not just crucial with patients, but is essential to have with all members of the health care team in order to promote the best patient outcomes. I now know that I must work on communicating my findings or recommendation
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The role of a Christian nurse was to display servanthood in your practice. Although I knew that I wanted show the love of God and serve others in my practice I didn 't know exactly what that looked like in the clinical setting. After gaining experience in the clinical setting I know now how to balance my beliefs with the beliefs of those who I am caring for. I understand better that there are multiple ways to show the love of God in the clinical setting and that we always must put the needs of others before our own beliefs. I understand there will be times that are challenging and I may not always agree with my patients decisions or values, but if I am going to properly care for them I must extend grace and love in order to accept their choices regarding their
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