Communication In The Workplace Essay

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Communication in the Workplace Communication is the process of sharing ideas, information, and messages with others in a particular time and place. So the way at which you communicate in certain circumstances will differ based on your environment. This is especially evident in the workplace. You will be hard pressed to find a form of communication that so drastically contrast an individual’s everyday communication. The workplace is professional environment that centered around achieving the organizations objectives. This makes workplace communication tremendously important because it increases productivity and efficiency. Every organization is different and will have a different set of guidelines and norms that will help an employee determine…show more content…
These types of techniques can be unique to the operation and once learned allow for clear and efficient communication between employees. For example, as on offensive linemen on the football field I am required to communicate with my teammates, to allow them to hear what I see and come up with a plan of action on what technique to use in a very short period of time. Our unit has plethora of key words, that allow us to identify what the other team is doing as well as giving direction on what we are doing. This jargon is a code in which every word has a meaning allowing us to communicate in front of our opponent in our own language without them being able to know what we are going to…show more content…
Many actions of playing around can be entirely appropriate when interacting with a close friend that can be very found upon and unprofessional with in the workplace. An employee can easily build long lasting friendship at the workplace. The problem arises when an employee misinterpreted the level of their relationship with another employee. This can at times result in Sexual Harassment, which is defined as “any unwelcome sexual advance or conduct on the job that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment. Any conduct of sexual nature that makes an employee uncomfortable has the potential to be sexual harassment” (England, 2012, p.3). Through the years we have improved as a work culture on attempting to prevent as many of these sexual harassment cases as possible, many of this is only due to the possible financial loss to the company in a sexual harassment case being taken to court. I have never personally experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. I have however been harassed at parties by women that misinterpreted my level of interest and made me feel uncomfortable, to the point of forcing me to leave. The difference in these circumstances is, when someone is harassed in the workplace they can’t just leave. Most people need their job to survive and if the harassment goes unreported employees are stuck in uncomfortable situation that no one
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