Communication Gap Between Nurses And Patients

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Communication gap between nurses and patients, or between nurses and care givers, or nurses and coordinate staff of the unit, is the main dilemma of the care giving facilities. This sometimes leads to some unwanted situations that become unmanageable at all levels. This usually happens when the unit staff is overburden with work, lack of knowledge of latest technology, gap in communication in staff and patients due to generation gap, miscommunication between care givers and care providers and improper use of verbal and non-verbal communication. Ability of communicating properly, effectively and to get the clear message through can avoid a lot of time and inconvenience. It makes the work load much easier. Bad or futile communication can worsen a bad situation. It leads to a swarm of problems, doubles the work load that needs to be done and could even threaten a patient’s life. These are few of the consequences that arise due to gap in communication. It is necessary for all nurses to improve and advance their verbal and non-verbal communication skills so the message can be delivered easily... Characteristics of a Good Leader-cum-Manager Effective leadership and good management are assets for an organization. Outstanding leaders and managers are backbone of any establishment. It is a fact that ‘five fingers are never equal’, but it is not compulsory that a good leader can be a good manager too, or a good manager can be a good leader. Everyone has certain strengths and weaknesses in their personalities. A person should bring to light its strengths and overcome its weaknesses by improving that deficiency, by using various methods and techniques, either by doing itself or with the help of fellow coworkers, friends and family, or with... ... middle of paper ... ...rybody can share their thoughts and experiences. 5. Good leaders, managers or staff members should be appreciated by health care facility to motivate them for further improvement in their behavior. 6. All nurses and relevant staff should be trained to keep their written communication uptodate. These are the few things that should be made mandatory in the facility. Positive appreciation and criticism always bring positive attitude in workforce. Conclusion: This is obvious that proper communication plays an important role in acquiring a good reputation to the health care facility. It may help the facility to achieve magnet facility status. Good team work proper management will gain stakeholders and customers trust. Well organized records and well written communication will help in bridging communication gap at all levels and improve the care giving environment.
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